J&B v.o.s

Na hrázi 117, 798 03 Plumlov, telefon: +420 582 393 215, fax: +420 582 393 215, mobil: +420 606 144 686, e-mail: jb-vos@volny.cz



You are entering a baroque building of Three hundred years old Which at last served its original purpose between 19th and 20th centuries. Today it provides a rest and recreation. There and connected elements of modern and original architecture.

Accommodation is in front of a house on an own plot.

Each of them has a double bet, living room with T.V. and possibility of two additional beds. Kitchen is equipped with a fridge, cooker dishes and a corner bench with a table. It has a separate bathroom with a bath and WC.

Entrance for accommodation is from 4 to 6 P.M. or according to an agreement.
Finishing of accommodation is 10 A.M. Later vacation is necessary to arrange, after 3 P.M. we charge full prize for another night.
Board is at disposal at a restaurant approximately 200 m far.

Prices of accommodation and additional services


       -    price for double roomfor one night                          1350Kč/night

        -   price for double room for two or more nights      1250Kč/noc

       -   price for fourbed apartment for one night              2150Kč/night  

      -   price for fourbed apartment for two or more nights   1950Kč/night


       -  additional bed  350,-Kč/night                                                    




       -  recreational fee for OU    15 Kč/day                                                              


 Parking is in front of a house on an own plot.
Accommodation with a pet is not possible.

Isn't allowable smoking !











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